The Client:
FLUENT Cannabis has been a staple in the cannabis market in Florida with over 30 dispensaries throughout the state and a consistent presence in Pennsylvania and Texas. They are FLUENT in every part of the production process, maintaining the highest standards and most meticulous and innovative techniques from nursery to lab, to shelf. They grow healthy plants and develop full-spectrum products with unmatched consistency. One of those products is vape cartridges. Vaporizer cartridges are filled with cannabis extract; one of the most convenient and discreet ways for inhalation as the vapor dissipates quickly with minimal odor.

The Task:
In 2022, FLUENT wanted a campaign that could strike through and penetrate during its slow season. That is when I, the Senior Graphic Designer, and the marketing team, developed "Cart Week." Cart Week was a play on the popular TV event, "Shark Week", hosted by the Discovery channel. Shark Week is a week-long event dedicated to sharks and their lives. In homage to this viral event, we launched Cart Week around the same time. Cart Week was a week-long sales event in which ALL of the vape cartridges were 60% off. We used and referenced sharks and their characteristics in every way possible. I created a logo, typeface, color scheme, graphics, and imagery for this campaign. The campaign was communicated through email and text, posted on social media, showcased on the screens inside the dispensaries, and presented throughout the company's website and e-commerce. In the end, Cart Week turned out to be a monetarily successful campaign, as it was the only week throughout the company's slow month that was in the green. 

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