The Client:
FLUENT Cannabis has been a staple in the cannabis market in Florida with over 30 dispensaries throughout the state and a consistent presence in Pennsylvania and Texas. FLUENT'S MOODS line hosts all of the company's most flavorful products. MOODS offers naturally enriched cannabis with delightfully flavored terpenes in an array of products including cartridges, drops, and more. MOODS presents a consistent lineup of unique flavor profiles such as Miami Vibes and Golden Hour, as well as seasonal limited drops such as Egg Nog Fog.

The Task:
As the Senior Designer at FLUENT, I spearheaded the evolution of MOODS. The brand was already established; therefore, my role was to push it and give it a new and modern twist. We developed and conceptualized marketing campaigns highlighting the branding, products, and sales. I developed graphics that were sent out via text and email, as well as posted on social media. The branding was heavily present throughout the company's website and e-commerce. I also worked on the packaging for the MOODS cartridges and dash pens. This included working with vendors understanding material, deadlines, and pricing, and collaborating with the legal department to ensure that everything was DOH-compliant.  Additionally, I worked alongside photographers and illustrators for various MOODS campaigns that focused on the traditional flavor profiles and seasonal drops.

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