The Client:
Since being established in 2019, Elaine’s Alkaline Garden has been known for its unparalleled commitment to health and taking care of the body. Based out of Broward County, they are fully dedicated to creating and providing 100% alkaline products. Elaine's Alkaline Garden offers an array of herbs, foods, and topicals, all organically produced and crafted. They aim to educate people about the benefits of alkaline and provide healthier alternatives for everyday solutions. 

The Task:
The owners came to me early in the stages of creating Elaine's Alkaline Garden. They already had the products and knew which direction they wanted to take the brand. Along with their guidance and feedback, I established the branding of the company through the creation of logos, typography, color palettes, tone, and copyrighting. I then created weekly informational and sales graphics that were shared across all social media platforms. For one of their product launches, "Skin Repair Body Lotion", I directed, photographed, and edited the product imagery. These images were used on the company's website, e-commerce, and social media.

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