The Client:
Smokiez Edibles is a national renown edibles company in medical and recreational markets everywhere from Oregon to Florida. FLUENT Cannabis has been a staple in the cannabis market in Florida with over 30 dispensaries throughout the state and a consistent presence in Pennsylvania and Texas. Smokiez and FLUENT began collaborating in 2020 to sell Smokiez's critically acclaimed gels throughout all of FLUENT's Florida dispensaries. In 2022, they launched Smokiez's Agave to be featured statewide and be one of the first of its kind in the Florida cannabis market.

The Task:
As the Senior Designer at FLUENT, I collaborated in the conceptual planning of the Smokiez Agave campaign. We wanted to focus on the look and texture of the actual product, and how it can be applied to everyday treats and snacks, such as coffee or ice cream. When it was time to turn the concept into reality, we reached out to our photographer to capture the scenes and mood behind the campaign. I provided art direction, as well as back-and-forth feedback to our photographer to elevate the aesthetics. Once we finalized the photoshoots, I incorporated the imagery into the design of our ad graphics. These were sent out via email and text, featured on FLUENT's website, and inside of their dispensaries on flyers and TV screens. Stand-alone images from the campaign were used in blogs, print, emails, and on social media. 

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